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5 Common Furnace Problems and What to Do About Them

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If you own a furnace, it’s likely that in the course of its life you’ll run into a little trouble. Most furnaces have a shelf life, but the next time furnace problems hit, you’ll know just how to handle it.

As furnace experts, we get a fair number of calls for furnace repair and furnace assistance. Here’s our guide to the five most common furnace problems we see and what you can do about it.

  1. Furnace runs & provides heat, but not enough.

This can be one of the biggest furnace problems. After all, if you have a furnace, you probably want heat, right? A common cause of a furnace that’s not providing enough heat is clogged filters. Changing your filters monthly can make a world of difference in how your furnace operates and extend its life. (P.S. need furnace filter replacements? HomeBridge Canada sells them for less than at the hardware store!)

  1. Furnace doesn’t blow air.

If your furnace isn’t blowing air, but it’s still running, it could mean the belt connecting the motor and the blower has broken. You can replace it yourself by following the instructors on your furnace operating manual, or you may want to call in a professional.

  1. Blower runs continuously.

The opposite of the problem above. In this case, the belt likely isn’t the problem, but the room thermostat could be. It may sound basic, but check the thermostat to see if the fan is set to “on.” If it is, move it to “off” or “auto.” If you do this, you may need to adjust the furnace limit switch, in which case you’ll likely require professional help.

  1. Noisy furnace or duct work.

Some noises coming from your furnace are normal — but too much noise, or a new noise that wasn’t there before, is something you don’t want to ignore.

First, identify the noise. Is it a pinging or popping? It may mean there’s been thermal expansion of your duct work. If you can find the spot where it’s happening, make a small dent in the sheet metal.

If you’re hearing rattling noises, make sure all the covers on your furnace are screwed on.

Is the noise more of a squealing? This could indicate a slipped belt.

If it’s a grinding noise you hear, shut off the unit and call a furnace repair professional. The motor’s bearing might be shot.

  1. Furnace keeps shutting off after about five minutes.

This could be a problem with a faulty or dirty flame sensor. This is likely something you’ll want to call in a furnace repair professional to assess.

The best way to deal with these common furnace problems? Purchase a furnace maintenance plan. HomeBridge Canada offers furnace maintenance plans that can keep your furnace running in the best possible condition.

HomeBridge Canada is also a top source for furnace repair in Barrie, York Region, and Simcoe County. We can help with your furnace installation, furnace repair, and furnace maintenance needs.

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