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Buying or Renting a Central Air Conditioner: How to Decide

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When summer hits, you want to stay cool, but what’s the best way to do it — buying a central air conditioner or renting one?

The good news is that there really is no wrong answer. Either buying or renting a central air conditioner will solve your immediate problem, the summer heat. The choice you make really comes down to your own needs and priorities.

If you’re stuck in the buy vs. rent debate, don’t wait until it’s too hot to think to make a decision. Our guide can help you make a choice now so that you’ll have relief when you need it.

Pros of Renting an Air Conditioner

  • You get a brand-new air conditioning unit installed.
  • Often you pay in low monthly payments, so the upfront fee is much lower.
  • Some companies, like HomeBridge Canada, offer a rent-to-own option.
  • Typically, a rental comes with guaranteed service.
  • With HomeBridge Canada, the maintenance is included, so you have no repair charges — ever!

Pros of Buying an Air Conditioner

  • You own the air conditioning unit and can do what you want with it.
  • If you own your house and do plan on selling, an already installed air conditioning unit can add value to your home.
  • Many air conditioner providers offer financing plans, so your upfront costs will be reduced.
  • There are a number of government rebates available when you buy an air conditioner.
  • When it’s paid off, it’s paid off and you don’t need to worry about monthly rental payments.

Cons of Renting an Air Conditioner

  • You may be locked into a long contract.
  • Renting a unit doesn’t add to the value of your home, so if you’re planning on moving, it might not be right for you.
  • You are continuously paying off the air conditioner, so you will have to budget in monthly payments.

Cons of Buying an Air Conditioner

  • It can be more expensive upfront than renting.
  • You are responsible for paying for maintenance costs (although some providers may offer a warranty or an affordable service plan).
  • If the unit breaks down, it’s up to you to get it fixed or replace it.

Choosing between buying a central air conditioner and renting one all comes down to personal preference. It can be similar to the decision of whether to buy or lease a car.

Some questions you may want to ask: are you planning on moving in the next few years? How much are you willing to pay upfront? Would you rather pay upfront or have an ongoing monthly payment? Do you want to be responsible for maintenance and repairs?

If you’re still stuck, HomeBridge Canada can help you make your decision. We have great deals whether you’re buying or renting an air conditioning unit. We service across Barrie, Orillia, Innisfil, Midland, Coldwater, Bradford, Horseshoe Valley, Alliston, and more.

Contact us today: call 1-866-876-9986 or visit www.homebridgecanada.com.