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Calculating Your Air Conditioner & Furnace Lifespan

Topics: Furnace Lifespan, Furnace Replacement

Your air conditioner and furnace have a lifespan — sad, but true. There comes a time in every HVAC system owner’s life when they need to assess the health of their unit, and perhaps invest in a new one.

But how do you know when your air conditioner or furnace lifespan is up? We’re sharing our best practices for assessing your heating and cooling units’ lifespan and how to extend it.

First and foremost, an easy way to assess your air conditioner and furnace lifespan is if you know the age. If you purchased it yourself, this is likely easy to discover. But if the unit came with the house, it can be trickier.

A properly installed and maintained furnace can last for 20 years, an air conditioner for 16 years, and a heat pump for 14 years. The key words here are “properly installed and maintained.” Having a professional install your heating and cooling system and perform regular (at least once a year) maintenance is crucial to extending your equipment lifespan.

How do you know when it’s time for furnace replacement? You don’t have to wait until the furnace is broken to replace. if your unit is older, it was likely built at a time with lower energy efficiency ratings. New furnaces and air conditioners are held to higher energy efficiency ratings meaning you could save big on your utility bill by upgrading.

Another sign it may be time for a furnace replacement? If the noise from your HVAC unit is keeping you up at night. Newer technology is quieter and can compress sound. A noisy furnace doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong (it depends on the noise) but it could be time for an upgrade nonetheless if the furnace repair costs would be too much or if the noise is really disruptive.

A furnace lifespan of 20 years is a long time and technology has come a long way. Twenty years ago, for example, we didn’t have programmable thermostats and indoor air quality features that can greatly increase your home comfort. If your furnace or air conditioner is feeling outdated, even if it’s still working, it could be time for an upgrade.

Whether you’re in the market for a furnace replacement or require maintenance on an existing furnace or air conditioner, HomeBridge Canada can help. We’re experts at extending your air conditioner and furnace lifespan.

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