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Heating Up: Cozy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Home

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When many picture Valentine’s Day, they see the Hollywood movie scene — dinner out at a restaurant decorated with hearts, fancy outfits, diamond necklaces… And we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with any of those things, but we’re here to offer an alternative Valentine’s Day idea: staying in.

“Staying in?!” you might be thinking. “How is that romantic? We do that every night.”

Well, hear us out. If you and your partner own a home together, you’ve likely worked hard on your house and it’s a representation of your love for each other — what’s more romantic than that? Plus, Valentine’s Day is in February (obviously) and it can be kind of cold. While stepping outside in fancy outfit sounds fun in theory, in reality it can be more stressful than anything.

Still not convinced? Okay. Well, consider these cozy at-home romantic Valentine’s Day ideas:

  1. Cuddle up by the fire.

Your home might have a large, beautiful fireplace in it, but how often do you actually sit beside it together and enjoy it? Taking a night to snuggle and talk by the fire while drinking hot chocolate can bring you that much closer to your partner, without the added distractions of the television or children.

Bonus points: turn off your phones for a truly distraction-free evening.

  1. Play a game.

Like most couples, especially if you’ve been together for a long time, you’ve probably fallen into the routine of daily life. While this is good for successful adulting, it may not bode so well for building in fun. Take this Valentine’s Day to reconnect with your inner child. Play a spirited game of Twister together, or get into a Jenga battle. If you prefer to go digital, you could turn on your game console and see who’s best in Mario Kart.

Bonus points: Loser has to give the winner a massage.

  1. Throw a Valentine’s Day party.

Sometimes you can feel that much more connected to your love when other people are around — or maybe you just want an excuse for a party. Either way, hosting a Valentine’s Day party can be a great way to get friends together for a fun evening without the pressure Valentine’s Day can sometimes carry. Make a red-coloured punch, bake heart-shaped cookies, and get some cardboard paper and exchange Valentine’s.

Bonus points: Take turns choosing the cheesiest love song you can think of and serenading your significant others.

Have we convinced you yet? Staying home on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a bore. Done right, it can be even more fun than venturing outside.

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