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Hot Water Heater Leaking? How to Stop It – Fast

Topics: Hot Water Tank Repair

Is your hot water heater leaking? It sounds like the opener to a prank call joke along the lines of “Is your refrigerator running?” But if your hot water heater is leaking, you know it’s no joking matter.

Before you call in the professionals, here’s what you can do if you find your hot water heater leaking.

  1. Stop the water flow.

Locate the water supply line, leading from the main water line to your hot water tank. Find the valve and turn it off by twisting it clockwise. This should stop the flow and prevent new water from going into your hot water heater.

  1. Shut off the power to your hot water tank.

Your hot water heater likely has a power source. You’ll want to turn this off so you don’t waste energy or — even worse — start a fire. Find the breaker for the hot water heater and flip it off.

  1. Manage the damage.

Mop up the water that has spilled out and move objects that it might wreck out of the way. Running a de-humidifier and a heater will also help with mould and musty smells. If there’s a lot of water, you may need to use a shop vacuum.

  1. Call for help.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you’ll likely want to call your insurance provider. This would also be the time to call for professional help. A hot water tank repair specialist can help you identify what went wrong and get in a replacement hot water heater as soon as possible.

Like with most things, prevention can be less costly than repair. If your hot water heater leaking isn’t an issue yet, but you’re worried it might be, paying attention could help you avoid an emergency.

Listen for popping and knocking sounds. Look for rusty tap water. Pay attention to if your temperature and pressure relief valve keeps opening. Any of these can be signs that trouble is coming and it may be time for hot water tank repair or replacement.

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