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How to Make Your Air Conditioner Run More Efficiently

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When it is hot outside, so hot that all you want to do is curl up in your refrigerator, an air conditioner is a must. Keeping you house cool, especially with our hot, humid weather, is essential for overall comfort. This week we’ve got some tips on air conditioner efficiency and how to keep your house cool without breaking the bank!

The air conditioner itself:

  • Prior to turning on the unit, make sure the cover is off. You’d probably be surprised how many people forget to do this.
  • Don’t restrict the airflow. Just because you don’t really like the way the unit looks, don’t cover it up with fancy paneling or a custom fence – this will cause it to work harder for the same output.
  • Change your filter. If the furnace filter is clogged, you won’t get optimal airflow.
  • Keep the unit cleaned of lawn debris. When mowing the grass, try to keep the cut grass from the unit. Rinse pollen off. Clear out any fallen leaves.
  • Don’t let dogs ‘water’ the air conditioner – this will break it down faster than almost anything else!
  • Have annual maintenance performed by a certified technician to ensure no issues are preventing your air conditioner from running at maximum efficiency.

To help improve efficiency overall:

  • Close your blinds during the day to help keep the sun from heating up the house, combatting your AC and costing you most in cooling.
  • Leave the thermostat alone. The more you play with the temp, the harder your air conditioner has to work to get to your desired temperature.
  • Always use an exhaust fan when cooking or showering to expel hot air from the house. This also improves air quality.
  • If you have a dehumidifier, turn it on when the temperature rises to help beat the humidity.
  • Consider timing your chores. Certain appliances (the dishwasher, the dryer) can heat up the house when in use, so either do those chores in the evening or when no one is home.
  • Make those fans work for you. Ceiling or stand alone fans can also help cool your home at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner. While it’s unlikely that a fan can replace your unit completely, it can be a great supplement.

When you rely on your air conditioner to keep your family comfortable during the hot summer months, make sure that you are giving it a chance to work most efficiently without extra effort. These tips will help you do that and can help reduce your overall cooling costs.

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