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Making Family Safety a Priority: Home Safety Tips

Topics: Home Safety Tips, HVAC Equipment

When most of us think of family safety or home safety, usually we consider home alarms, fire escape plans, or smoke detectors. These are important, no argument there – but what about those things that most families overlook? When it comes to heating and cooling – any HVAC equipment really – there are specific home safety tips that should not be ignored!

Here are several important home safety measures to consider when it comes to your heating and air conditioning system:

  • Clean your air filter. Air filters are crucial when it comes to ensuring your system performs optimally. They are also important for home safety. Clogged air filters in your furnace could result in carbon monoxide fumes leaking into your home. Check filters frequently, cleaning or replacing them at least every three months.
  • On that note, check your CO2 and smoke detectors. While both are now mandatory, and many new homes have detectors hard-wired, regular checks can make sure you are constantly protected. Replace batteries yearly and check them once you do.
  • Check the area around your HVAC equipment. Remember that space around all HVAC equipment should remain clear and clean. Don’t store flammable items near your equipment (paint, cleaning products) and avoid storing thing on top of the equipment. Also, make sure kids and pets don’t have access to these spaces.
  • Have a pool heater? These have the potential to cause major problems if not maintained. Have maintenance done by a certified technician before start up. Clear away any unwanted critters – mice, spiders, etc.
  • BBQ inspection. Make sure that you do a visual inspection before turning on the gas and always make sure that gas is turned off when you’re finished grilling. Make sure all family members know how important this is. Consider installing a timer if you tend to forget.
  • Schedule annual maintenance by a certified professional. Having your HVAC system professionally maintained is essential when it comes to preventing safety issues. Professional technicians can check your system for safety issues that could result from a faulty system and ensure your heating or air will be there for you when you need it most.

Your HVAC system ensures your family is warm in the winter and cool in the summer – give it the attention it needs to ensure home safety. At HomeBridge Canada, we take your family safety seriously.

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