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Spot the Difference: Furnace Installations That Stand Out from the Crowd

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Let’s play a game called spot the difference.

This is a recent furnace installation completed by HomeBridge Canada. We keep the highest standards for making sure our customers have the best service, and installations.

There are four things we do on every furnace installation job that separate us from the others. Can you spot them?

  1. The yellow canvas connector: This will isolate sound and vibration. When your furnace is running there will be some vibration throughout the ductwork. This canvas connector eliminates that to give you a quieter home comfort system.
  2. The isolation cork pads under the furnace: This will also help with vibration and reduce noise by raising the furnace off the ground. The cork pads have the added benefit that if there is ever water in the mechanical room, your furnace won’t be sitting in water.
  3. Always installing a plug for the condensate pump: This allows the condensate pump to be easily cleaned and inspected when it comes time to have your performance tune up completed on your furnace!
  4. The instruction manual holder: On every furnace that HomeBridge Canada installs, there will be a manual holder. This holds the service and installation manuals for all the equipment we installed and every gas appliance in the mechanical room. This is helpful for service, as well as when a customer might not remember all the cool things we said about your new thermostat. 😉

We always inspect all aspects of the furnace when we do our furnace installations. With this unit in particular we noticed the return air duct (the tall one of the left of the images) was undersized. Naturally we removed the duct and replaced it with the proper size to better suit the system.

We also take it upon ourselves to ensure all the work is clean and tidy. We noticed the gas piping was running longer than it had to and rerouted the gas line to clean up some headroom in the mechanical room. We are not at the house to get in and get out. At HomeBridge Canada once you allow us into your home, you are part of our family and we will ensure that you have any questions answered and that the quality of work is at the highest standard.

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