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Seven Easy Tips to Deal with Indoor Humidity in the Summer

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When the summer heat hits, it’s not so much the temperature that makes us uncomfortable as it is the indoor humidity. Even worse, increased humidity in the house can lead to mould and rot that can pose a serious health risk.

It’s in your best interest health-wise to deal with indoor humidity in the summer before it happens. Our easy tips can help you keep humidity levels down in your house when it heats up.

To reduce summer indoor humidity:

  1. Use the best quality shutters or window coverings.  Shutters can reduce the heat of your home from direct sunlight coming from lakes or large open fields.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight during the day. Direct sunlight coming in at the same time you’re cooking or baking will produce a lot of humidity. So, using your shutters to reduce or block out direct sunlight from coming into your great room or kitchen space will help reduce the humidity levels in those spaces.
  3. Use a bathroom exhaust fan during and after showering. If there’s no exhaust fan, opening a window slightly (if there is a window) will allow humidity to escape.
  4. Seal sump pits and caulk any penetrations in the home, i.e. exhaust and intake terminations, and refrigerant lines. This will reduce moisture and humidity from entering the home.
  5. Use the kitchen exhaust fan while cooking to reduce humidity from boiling pots.
  6. Lower the humidistat settings on colder days.
  7. Make sure your bathroom fans and dryer vents are exhausted to the outdoors and kept free of debris and lint.

You can also look into a dehumidifier. Whether you want a one-room or whole-house model, it can help keep your indoor humidity levels at bay.

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