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Summer Lovin’ – Why AC Maintenance is Crucial in the Summer

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We’ve already had a few hot days, and we are all well aware that many more are in store! That means that it is almost time to crank up the AC and bask in all its cooling glory (yes, we know, some of you are already doing so). This week, to help you prepare, we’re talking about why AC maintenance is so crucial before the heat hits home. Want to stay cool all summer long? Keep reading!

By far, the most beneficial reason to consider AC maintenance in preparation for the summer heat is to ensure optimal energy efficiency. If your unit is leaking, clogged, or just not in the best shape, it won’t run efficiently, meaning it will be harder on the environment and on your wallet.

Equipment operation is also a prime benefit. If your AC unit is routinely checked, this can significantly reduce that chances of it breaking down. Think about those hot summer nights – do you really want to be stuck in the heat waiting for service?  Routine AC maintenance can also increase the longevity of the unit.

An integral part of proper AC maintenance is knowing what problems to look for – ones that you probably shouldn’t deal with on your own. If you notice any of the below issues, consider calling your HVAC technician:

  • Leaking air ducts
  • Low airflow from unit
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Under or overcharged refrigerant
  • Corrosion of electrical connections and contacts on the unit

Here are some tips to consider before turning your AC on for the first time:

Just as you change the oil in your car and get a check-up every so often, you should give your AC the same type of TLC. If you want your unit to last and to get all the benefits of the unit, make sure you are paying attention to it!

At HomeBridge Canada, we have the trained HVAC technicians who can perform your annual AC check-up to make sure your unit is in premium condition. AC maintenance is essential – don’t forget about it!

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