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Tankless Water Heaters vs. Traditional Water Heaters — Which is Better?

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When the time comes to get a new hot water heater, you may be left with a decision — do you go with a tankless water heater or a traditional model?

Both tankless vs. traditional has pros and cons. Let’s break them down.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater, also known as demand-type or instantaneous water heater, provides hot water only as its needed. As the name suggests, the water isn’t stored in a tank — in fact, there’s no tank at all. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit, where either a gas burner or electric element heats the water.


  • Near-constant supply of hot water. You don’t need to wait for the storage tank to fill up.
  • More energy efficient. If you go tankless, you could see anywhere from 30% to 70% savings.
  • Smaller space footprint. Due to not having a tank, this unit can take up less room in your home.
  • Less chance of flooding or leaking.
  • A longer working lifespan.


  • Limit to flow rate. Most tankless water heaters provide hot water at a rate of 7.6 to 15.2 litres per minute. Gas-fired tankless water heaters are typically higher flowing than electric ones.
  • Sometimes they can have trouble doing two things simultaneously — for example, having a shower and running the dishwasher at the same time. The solution may be to install more than one water heater, which can be costly.
  • The cost of operating the pilot light can vary and if it’s constantly burning, they can waste energy.
  • Higher up-front installation cost.

Traditional Hot Water Heaters

A traditional hot water tank is still a good option for many homeowners. It can often come with a lower purchase cost and most homes are already set up for a tank, so you won’t need to change the gas line location or gauge.


  • Less up-front installation costs.
  • Less demanding maintenance.
  • Many modern models are becoming more energy efficient.
  • Higher flow rate and ability to simultaneously heat multiple sources (i.e. shower and dishwasher at the same time).


  • Takes up more space.
  • While modern models are more energy efficient, they’re still not quite as environmentally friendly as a tankless model.
  • Can “run out” of hot water and takes longer to refill.
  • More prone to leaking or flooding.
  • Shorter lifespan.

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