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The Complete Guide to Getting Your HVAC System Spring Ready

Topics: Furnace Maintenance, HVAC System

Spring is here! The birds are chirping, snow is melting, and you may even be contemplating switching your HVAC system from furnace to air conditioner.

But before you get too caught up in the spring rush, ask yourself: is your HVAC system ready for warmer weather? Use this checklist to help make sure you’re prepared.

  • Run a test of your air conditioner. Do you hear any strange sounds? How long does it take to cycle on and off again, or does it stop at any point? Are there any unusual smells? Is your indoor air actually getting colder?
  • Don’t run your HRV (heat recovery ventilation) system too often. The HRV system draws in fresh air from outside the home, but if there is more moisture outside than inside your house, you’ll end up with damp air.
  • If you have a flow-through system, close your dampers.
  • Instead of using the 20/40 setting on your HRV system, have it interlocked to only run when the air conditioner is on. This will condition the humid air the HRV is bringing in from outside.
  • Make sure to keep any outdoor intake and exhaust ports clean and free of debris.
  • Keep the main core and pre-filters washed and cleaned.
  • Maintain the HRV settings between 35% to 40%.
  • Book a maintenance session. Spring is the perfect time to call in a professional to do routine work on your furnace and air conditioner. Regular maintenance can extend your system’s life and greatly reduce your energy costs.

By preparing your heating and cooling system in the spring, you’ll be able to kick back and relax when warmer temperatures arrive — and who doesn’t love that?

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