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Topics: Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is this coming Sunday, November 11, and this weekend we will be thinking of the brave Canadians who courageously dedicated their lives to our country.

To those who have sacrificed to preserve our peace, and those who continue to do so, thank you.

You are in our thoughts and our prayers today and every day.


This poem was written by an Orillia student and took second place in the junior division of the 2018 The Royal Canadian Legion’s Poster and Literary Contest. We thought it was appropriate for today.


Because of you

By Eleonora Mustafa

Orillia, ON · Notre Dame Catholic School · #619 Cahiague Br.


Your sacrifice is my freedom,

Your strength fills me with pride

You gave up your life,

So I could live mine

Because of you, I am free

Because of you, I am me

We swim the bluest waters and

Feel the warm sun

We graze in the fields and

Enjoy having fun

We ski down the slopes and

Skate on the ice

We sit by the fire and

Sip hot cocoa, so nice

Because of you, I am free

Because of you, I am me

We laugh, we cry, we sing, we dance

Because of you, we have a blast

We live, we love, we hope, we play

Because of you, we enjoy the day

We honour you for your bravery

We honour you for your fight

We give thanks and stand tall and

Keep your memory alive with all our might

Because of you, I am free

Because of you, I am me

Our fathers, our husbands, our brothers and sons

Our soldiers who fought defending our freedom

Our mothers, our wives, our sisters and daughters

Our heroes who served and protected our fallen

We love you, we thank you, we honour you always

We remember you today, wearing our poppies

Because of you, I am free

Because of YOU, I am ME